Dec 15

Saturday, November 24, 1990

@ Eye Gallery (now closed)

La dilectique peut-elle casser des briques?

A Situationaist detournment by René Viénet & Gérard Cohen (?)

Filmmaker and writer Keith Sanborn has championed the work of the Situationists for years, recently curating a film series for Exit Art in New York City. Tonight we will show La dilectique peut-elle casser des briques (1973, b&w, video, 90 min.) which he has translated and made available in a sub-titled.version “An extra-ordinary example of Situationist film practice by René Viénet and many others. It started as Doo Kwang Gee’s The Crush, a better than average Hong Kong Kung-Fu movie. By means of strategic voice-overs and a complete re-dubbing of the original Chinese dialogue with a French dialogue track of radical and uncompromising critique, it became what it declares itself to be, ‘the first entirely detourned film in the history of cinema.'” (K.S.)