City Slivers and Fresh Kills: The Films of Gordon Matta-Clark

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City Slivers and Fresh Kills: The Films of Gordon Matta-Clark

Author/Editor: Steven Jenkins


Renegade “Anarchitect” Gordon Matta-Clark is justly celebrated for his deconstructions of abandoned buildings and industrial structures, yet his film works are often overlooked. Through rarely published images and a quartet of imaginative essays, City Slivers and Fresh Kills establishes Matta-Clark’s films as perhaps his most surprising—and certainly his most visually arresting—body of work, characterized by the same creative provocation, rough aesthetic beauty and intellectual insight that informed all of the anarchitect’s famous cuttings, slicings and revelations.

  • Introduction
    Steven Jenkins
  • Glancing through Gaps
    Juan Manuel Simon-Barallobre
  • The Last Action Hero
    Steven Jenkins
  • Views of the Impossible
    Jane Martin
  • Twenty Adventures
    Jane Crawford
  • Filmography

This book is the companion to the 2004 San Francisco Cinematheque exhibition, City Slivers and Fresh Kills: the Films of Gordon Matta-Clark.

Exhibition curated by Steven Jenkins, San Francisco Cinematheque

Co-sponsored by Aidlin Darling Design, TANNERHECHT Architecture and the San Francisco Art Institute. Presented at the San Francisco Art Institute in March 2004. Presented by Cinema Project in Portland, Oregon in April 2004.

For more information on the exhibition:
Program One: Fresh Kills
Program Two: City Slivers

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