CROSSROADS 2020 Program 1

                  CROSSROADS 2020 — program 1Ever Westward: Remembering Bruce Baillie program community partner: Canyon Cinema Foundation On April 10, 2020, the world lost Bruce Baillie (b. 1931), the beatific filmmaker who, in 1961—with a simple outdoor film screening in the East Bay community of Canyon CA—birthed both San Francisco Cinematheque and Canyon Cinema. Widely hailed… More »


CROSSROADS 2020 Program 2

CROSSROADS 2020 – program 2 I am bloodless / I am the cosmos program online August 23–September 30 program community partner: Shapeshifters Cinema Climate change and with evolution: mythologies of reckoning. Decentered visions presented in consideration of our Anthropocene era of engagement and extinction. Views of landscape simultaneously toxic and transcendent, burning and perilous yet… More »


CROSSROADS 2020 Program 3

CROSSROADS 2020 — program 3 take this as some kind of signal program online August 24–September 30 program community partner: McEvoy Foundation for the Arts Scintillating organic elegies, vegetable narrations and the dystopic dreams of seeds give way to fearful symmetries and speculations on the purgatorial subjectivities of our cybernetic cohabitants. The landscape becomes unreal.… More »


CROSSROADS 2020 Program 4

CROSSROADS 2020 – program 4 all those things you used to feel program online August 25–September 30 Program opens with a series of quietly lyrical and observational works: reveries of landscape, the celestial heavens and the body; mediumistic studies of corporeal time and of eternity. These slowly give way explorations of the electronic ether and… More »


CROSSROADS 2020 Program 5

CROSSROADS 2020 – program 5 the rocks crumble program online August 26–September 30 program community partner: Prelinger Library We sit facing the past. Time devours us. No archive can restore you. Opening with a world-weary travelogue collaged from a vast international collection of home movies, the works in this program ponder notions of wander, displacement,… More »


CROSSROADS 2020 Program 6

  CROSSROADS 2020 — program 6 theories of obliscence / erasing the grid program online August 27–September 30 program community partner: Artists’ Television Access Erasing the grid, a frame hangs in the air. Meditations on worlds past and worlds soon to be past, on the world outside the world. Films drawing from archives both violent… More »


CROSSROADS 2020 Program 7

CROSSROADS 2020 — program 7what do you get when you fall in love? program online August 28–September 30program community partner: Canyon Cinema Foundation Give us your songs. Give us your smells. We’ll give you everything. Once upon a time there was life. Opening with the late great Luther Price’s A Patch of Green, the films… More »


CROSSROADS 2020 Program 8

  CROSSROADS 2020 – program 8 unknown subjects program online August 29–September 30 Echoing CROSSROADS 2020 program 2, this program opens with contemplations of vacated “non-places”—liminal sites of failed ambition and ruin—and contrasting landscapes, from desert to arctic. Scenes of uprootedness and displacement give way to considerations of political upheaval, insurrection and, finally, an ironic… More »


CROSSROADS 2020 Program 9

CROSSROADS 2020 — program 9as long as there is breath program online August 30–September 30program community partners: Small Press Traffic and GAZE        CROSSROADS 2020 closes with a series of introspective meditations on shelter, safety, community and family (chosen and otherwise). In contrast, as free movement in the contemporary moment is more and more curtailed,… More »


I Hate the Internet: Techno-Dystopian Malaise and Visions of Rebellion

program online April 9–May 16, 2020 presented in partnership with Video Data Bank and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts      Pictured: Instructions for Robots (2019) by Mike Hoolboom This online program was originally intended to be presented at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on March 12, 2020. Due to concerns around COVID-19… More »


certainty is becoming our nemesis

program online March 27–August 4, 2020 presented in partnership with McEvoy Foundation for the Arts Pictured: Jean Luc Nancy (2018) by Antoinette Zwirchmayr certainty is becoming our nemesis is guest curated by Steve Polta of San Francisco Cinematheque. The program is produced and was commissioned by McEvoy Foundation for the Arts in conjunction with Orlando,… More »