Sunday, June 10, 1990

A Tribute to UPA

Rare Animation From a Rebel Studio

San Francisco Art Institute

Though United Productions of America (UPA) was one of the top animation studios in the country during the 1950’s, they are virtually unknown today. Founders included animation pioneers Chuck Jones, John Hubley, Bill (Bullwinkle) Scott, and Art Babbitt (fired from Disney for organizing the animators). UPA’s short subjects won numerous Academy Awards, but their real triumph was in changing the look of animation, mastering a unique brand of simplified line and abstract shapes. Deliberately rejecting the Disney style, the studio’s work was innovative and radical, delighting the public and incurring the wrath of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Tonight’s titles include Hell Bent for Election (Chuck Jones, 1944), Rooty-Toot-Toot (John Hubley, 1952), The Tell-Tale Heart (Ted Parmelee, 1953), Gerald McBoing-Boing (Bobe Cannon, 1951), and others.