Thursday, June 7, 1990


Canadian Masters: Old and New

San Francisco Art Institute

Daria Stermac of the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre has chosen a selection of works attesting to the breadth and vitality of Canadian experimental cinema. Current (1983) by Ellie Epp is a rigorously defined work of elegance and economy; No. 5 Reversal (1989) by Josephine Mesarella, a journey of perspectives, creates a continuous and deliberate disruption of narrative structure; Condensation of Sensation (Reel One) (1987) by Carl Brown, is an epic rhapsody of cinema as sensual layerings; The Maltese Cross Movement (1967) by Keewatin Dewdney reflects the conviction that “the projector, not the camera, is the filmmakers’ true medium;” and the premiere of Michael Snow’s beautiful See You Later/Au Revoir (1990), which caused a sensation at the recent Berlin International Film Festival. Running time: 73 minutes.