Saturday, May 26, 1990


Red Fish in America 2

Eye Gallery (now closed)

Subversive independent cinema exploded in the Soviet Union more than five years ago. Of an early screening in Kirov, Yevgeny Yufit reported (in Cine Fantom, #9): “The theater was packed—they had to turn people away. After the first part of the program, audience opinion became polarized. Here and there old fogies would leap up with shrieks of protest, demanding that the disgrace be stopped, but they were countered by the exultant younger generation…. Afterwards several somewhat pale officials came up to us and demanded documents proving that the program had been cleared for screening…” This second program includes: Spring (Yevgeny Yufit and Andrej Myortvyj), a nightmarish but curiously whimsical reflection of the brutality of past regimes; Dreams (Kondratiev), a journey through images of village life in Soviet Central Asia; Supporter of Olf Savchenkov (Kondratiev, Mitenev, Ovchinnikov), scratch animation imaging bohemianism and ‘life after death;’ Waiting for de Bil (Aleinikovs); Homo Rullis (Dainis Klava); Mission in Kabul (Andejs Ejtis); Orderly-Werewolves (Yufit); Crazy Prince Kuzmin, Part II “Actor” (Yukhananov).