Thursday, June 14, 1990


Metaphorical Journeys: British Films by Women

San Francisco Art Institute

Tonight’s program will feature five recently completed films that give voice to many of the concerns and issues being explored by women filmmakers currently working in Britain. Through re-photography, fragmentation, montage, etc., these works create a filmic space often located in the “imaginary.” In this space all is potential metaphor, at once evoking and calling into question the dualities of interior/exterior, dream/reality, subjective/objective. The program is presented and selected by filmmaker Moira Sweeney (former Programmer of the London Filmmakers Co-op, and current Programmer for the London Film and Video Umbrella of the Arts Council of Great Britain). Films: K (1989) by Jayne Parker; Three Paces (Moving Through The Mirror) (1989) by Alia Syed; The Pavement (1989) by Diana Mavroleon; Imaginary (1988-89) by Moira Sweeney; Beauty In The Most Profound Distortion (1989) by Sophia Phoca. Total running time: 60 minutes.