Friday, October 12, 2007

Joseph Cornell: Films

Program 1: Essential Cinema from Anthology Film Archives

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Presented in association with SFMOMA

Shortly before his death in 1972, Cornell gifted his own films as well as his extensive film collection to Anthology Film Archives. Much of this work has been preserved by that institution and is exhibited regularly at that venue. These programs represent two of these recurring screenings. “What Cornell’s movies are is the essence of a home movie. They deal with things very close to us, every day and everywhere. Small things, not the big things. Not wars, not stormy emotions, dramatic clashes or situations. His images are much simpler. […] The boxes, the collages, the home movies of Joseph Cornell are the invisible cathedrals of our age. That is, they are almost invisible, as are all the best things that man can still find today: They are almost invisible unless you look for them.” (Jonas Mekas, 1970) Screening: Rose Hobart, Cotillion, The Midnight Party, The Children’s Party, Aviary, Nymphlight, A Legend for Fountains, Angel and GniR RednoW.