Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Bay Area Found Footage—from Junk to Funk to Punk

Victoria Theatre

Curated and presented by Craig Baldwin
presented in association with Pacific Film Archive and Oddball Film + Video
Gibbs Chapman, Steven Dye, William Farley, Kerry Laitala, Douglas Katelus, Thad Povey, Jay Rosenblatt, Greta Snider, Michael Wallin + program curator Craig Baldwin in person
[members: $5 / non-members: $10]

Among the rich and richly varied filmways of the Bay Area is that rather outré (or is it?) practice known as Found Footage filmmaking, a mode of production that’s enjoyed a peculiarly prominent place in the local heritage. Among the many reasons are the living legacy of Dada and anti-Art, a sense of Pop humor about the pre-fabricated, and, crucially, the no-budget, contrarian, yet generous impulses from the Beat, Hippie and Punk sub-cultures. A shifting matrix of life-styles, psycho-geographies, art- and social-histories—and a whole lotta creativity!—has enabled us to discover and share our own uses and meanings for things. A crafty imagination can still make its own way through an ever-more bewildering forest of signs—maybe even swing from those trees! This is what is both supremely ironic and profoundly redemptive about this ingenious bricolage aesthetic. (Craig Baldwin)

Thad Povey: Thine Inward-Looking Eyes (1993) 2 min. / Dean Snider: Stink (1984) 5 min. / Chick Strand: Cartoon le Mousse (1979) 15 min. / William Farley: Being (1975) 10 min. / Michael Wallin: Decodings (1988) 15 min. / Bruce Conner: Cosmic Ray (1961) 4 min. / Jay Rosenblatt: Prayer (2002) 3 min. / Greta Snider: Futility (1989) 9 min. / Kerry Laitala: Hallowed (2001) 11 min. / Gibbs Chapman: an examination of exhibits A(1) through E(5) (2001) 19 min. / Steven Dye: Zero (1996) 3 min. / David Sherman: Tuning the Sleeping Machine (1996) 13 min.

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