Friday, April 1, 2016, 6:59 pm

CROSSROADS 2016: April 1-3

Full Festival Line-Up


2961 16th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

CROSSROADS 2016 trailer from San Francisco Cinematheque on Vimeo.
Trailer by Tommy Becker, featuring CROSSROADS 2016 filmmakers: Péter Lichter; Jon Satrom; Michael Betancourt; Vanessa Renwick; Pierre Yves Clouin; Craig Baldwin; Jesse Malmed & ONO; Zack Parrinella; Kristin Reeves; Michael Robinson; Margaret Rorison; Gina Basso; Meredith Lackey; Stephen Broomer; Tzu-An Wu and Tommy Becker

presented April 1–3 by San Francisco Cinematheque
curated by Steve Polta
all programs at the Victoria Theatre
2961 Sixteenth Street (at Mission) in San Francisco
presented in association with Canyon Cinema Foundation, Center for New MusicOddball Film + Video and Shapeshifters Cinema

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CROSSROADS 2016, program 1
Friday, April 1, 2016 at 7pm
of a pattern of finding / a picture must be put together
In Person:
Michael Betancourt, Stephen Broomer, Paul Clipson, Simon Liu and Warren Ng
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SCREENING: The Liquid Casket / Wilderness Of Mirrors  (2014) by Paul ClipsonPepper’s Ghost (2013; Bay Area premiere) by Stephen BroomerHarbour City (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Simon Liu (live soundtrack by Warren Ng); upCycles (2016; world premiere) by Ariana GersteinThe Dark Rift (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Michael BetancourtEngram Of Returning (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Daïchi Saïto


CROSSROADS 2016, program 2
Friday, April 1, 2016 at 9pm
In the Street: Khalik Allah’s Field Niggas
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SCREENING: In the Street (1948) by James Agee, Helen Levitt and Janice Loeb (introduced by Tanya Sleiman); Many Thousands Gone (2014) by Ephraim Asili; Field Niggas (2014) by Khalik Allah


CROSSROADS 2016, program 3
Saturday, April 2 at 1pm
sensible evidence of futures / always the hour of noon
In Person: Michael Betancourt, Yin-Ju Chen and Zack Parinella
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SCREENING: The Dogs of Space (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Michael BetancourtNon-Places: Beyond the Infinite (2016; Bay Area premiere) by Péter LichterShooting Star (2015; U.S. premiere) by Pierre Yves ClouinLe Pays Dévasté (The Devastated Land) (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Emmanuel Lefrant; A Distant Episode (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Ben RiversIndustroclaustria (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Zack Parrinella; Iron Condor (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Meredith LackeyOne Universe, One God, One Nation (2012; Bay Area premiere) by Yin-Ju Chen


CROSSROADS 2016, program 4
Saturday, April 2 at 3:30pm
a beautiful and evil place (the light was so strong it dazzled)
In Person: Dana Berman Duff and Mike Stoltz
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SCREENING: Mad Ladders (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Michael RobinsonMovement in Squares (2013; Bay Area premiere) by Jean-Paul KellyYOLO (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Ben RussellHalf Human, Half Vapor (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Mike StoltzEndless, Nameless (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Mont TesprateepCatalogue Vol.3 (Small Spaces) (2015; world premiere) by Dana Berman DuffThe Mess (2016; Bay Area premiere) by Peter Burr


CROSSROADS 2016, program 5
Saturday, April 2 at 8pm
Apparent Motion Electronic Cabaret: Popcorn Before The Crash!
In Person: Tommy Becker, Kris T. Force, Anne McGuire, Jon Leidecker, Jon Satrom and Bill Thibault
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Live performance by:
Tommy BeckerSong for Our Aquarium
(2016, world premiere) and Song for Koko (2015)
Kris T. ForceLeukos (2015)
The Freddy McGuire Show,
featuring Bill Thibault
and Jon Satrom


CROSSROADS 2016, program 6
Sunday, April 3 at 12pm
maps of the world in its becoming
In Person: Stephen Broomer, Olivia Ciummo, Susan DeLeo and Jason Halprin
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SCREENING: Friday Mosque (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Azadeh NavaiThat Which Moves The Sun And Stars (2013; Bay Area premiere) by Takahiro Suzuki; Diary - January 8th, 2015 (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Jason HalprinOn the Evening (2014; world premiere) by Olivia CiummoSummer's Eve (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Robert ToddJourney to the Sea (2015; U.S. premiere) by Josh Gibsona mystery inside of a fact (2016; Bay Area premiere) by Jonathan Schwartz; newritual (2015; world premiere) by Susan DeLeoGulls at Gibraltar (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Stephen Broomerwinter beyond winter (2016; world premiere) by Jonathan Schwartz


CROSSROADS 2016, program 7
Sunday, April 3 at 2:45pm
thank your body for its strength and power
In Person: Malic Amalya, Gina Basso, Stephen Broomer, Nathan Hill, Nishat Hossain, Kristin Reeves and Karly Stark
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SCREENING: Body Contours (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Kristin ReevesSoliloquy (2015) by Gina Basso; the problem is that everything is fleeting (2015; world premiere) by Karly Starkbetween us (U.S. premiere) by Coral ShortMagnetic Resonance (2015; world premiere) by Malic Amalya & Nathan Hill; Hold On (2016; Bay Area premiere) by Bettina HoffmannHer Silent Seeming (2014) by Nazli DinçelLandform 1 (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Stephen BroomerJenny & John (2014) by Heather TrawickVito Acconci’s Pryings (1971/2014) (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Nishat Hossain; Something Horizontal (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Blake WilliamsLove Me (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Barbara Sternberg; Yi-Ren (The Person Of Whom I Think) / 伊人 (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Tzu-An Wu


CROSSROADS 2016, program 8
Sunday, April 3 at 5:30pm
upon maelstroms of unbearable reality (and throughout dimensional spectrums)
In Person: Craig Baldwin, Stephen Broomer, Lana Z Caplan and Karissa Hahn
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SCREENING: Red Capriccio (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Blake WilliamsTheir (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Julie Murray; Actual TV Picture (2013; Bay Area premiere) by William E. JonesWild Currents (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Stephen BroomerWhirred, Whirled (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Jesse Malmed & ONO; In the Vicinity (2016; Bay Area premiere) by Kelly SearsMaelstroms (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Lana Z CaplanCoy with Conviction (2015) by Karissa HahnBulletin (2016; world premiere) by Craig Baldwin; Dark Logic (2015) by Margaret RorisonCentre of the Cyclone (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Heather Trawick


CROSSROADS 2015, program 9
Sunday, April 3 at 8pm
the burdens of mortality touch the heart
In Person: Olivia Ciummo, Zach Iannazzi, Anna Kipervaser, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Vanessa Renwick and April Simmons
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SCREENING: Silent Sister (2015; world premiere) by Janie GeiserCrack House (2015) by Vanessa RenwickThe Man from Hong Kong (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Karen YasinskyInvert And All That Is Solid (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Olivia Ciummo; Decodings (1988) by Michael Wallin; Instrument (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Anna KipervaserChromatic (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Karen JohannesenThe Nether (2015; Bay Area premiere) by April Simmons; Covert Ciné (2015; world premiere) by Janis Crystal Lipzin; Old Hat (2016; Bay Area premiere) by Zach IannazziVivir para Vivir / Live to Live (2015; Bay Area premiere) by Laida LertxundiLacrimae rerum (2014; U.S. premiere) by Jamie Hull

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Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts , The Willow Foundation and The Owsley Brown III Philanthropic Foundation.

Above still taken from The Dark Rift by Michael Betancourt