Friday, August 26, 2022 — 7:00 pm


2665 Mission Street

San Francisco – MAP

(415) 843-1423

CROSSROADS 2022: program 1

beauty can fool you

Pictured above: Polycephaly in D (2021) by Michael Robinson

beauty can fool you

CROSSROADS 2022 opens with a fit of pop delirium, lucidly polymorphous studies of precarious emotions, candied poisons, anomalous states of mind and matter and the alluring mephiticities of the capitalist spectacle. Percussive psychogeographic wanders and prismatic nature studies rub against coded love letters and mediations of disaster—always promised; never arriving—while past and present tenses blend and promises of sublime erotics flicker tantalizingly beyond our grasp. 

This program is dedicated to the memory of video artist Dale Hoyt (1961–2022).

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$110 General/$90 Cinematheque Members and members of Gray Area.
Proof of COVID-19 vaccine is required for entry to Gray Area. The use of masks is highly encouraged.
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program community partner: Canyon Cinema






SCREENING: Squish! (2021) by Tulapop Saenjaroen (Thailand/Singapore); digital video, color, sound, 18 minutes. Color Prism Suite #2: Withering Ends (2021) by Zack Parrinella (US); 16mm, color, sound, 4 minutes. Up Close (2021) by Sam Gurry (US); digital video, color, sound, 3 minutes. Skinship (2022) by Mike Hoolboom (Canada); digital video, color, sound, 6 minutes. Sea of Sighs (2022) by J.M. Martínez (US); digital video, color, sound, 5 minutes. young, (2009) by Dale Hoyt (US); digital video, color, sound, 8 minutes. Polycephaly in D  (2021) by Michael Robinson (US); digital video, color, sound, 23 minutes. TRT: 67 minutes

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