Saturday, August 27, 2022 — 3:15 pm


2665 Mission Street

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CROSSROADS 2022: program 4

before you witnessed this entropy

Pictured above: Mnemonics of Shape and Reason (2021) by Sky Hopinka

before you witnessed this entropy

Quietly echoing CROSSROADS program 2, the films on this program explore elemental transubstantiations: air, fire, water and stone become one. Luminous and loving, life-affirming and elegiac. Meditations on the brevity of life, and on continuity, these works embody transformation and eternity. Melodramas of nature and contemplations of immateriality braid the intimate and introspective with the expansive and macrocosmic.

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SCREENING: A Perfect Storm (2022) by Karel Doing (UK); 16mm, color, sound, 3 minutes. Mnemonics of Shape and Reason (2021) by Sky Hopinka (Ho-Chunk/Pechanga); digital video, color, sound, 5 minutes.  Lácrimas (2021) by Jeremy Moss (US); digital video, color, sound, 14 minutes. Puncture (2021) by Carleen Maur (US); digital video, color, sound, 4 minutes. Ontogeny (2022) by Janis Crystal Lipzin (US); digital video, color, sound, 9 minutes. Amaryllis—a study (2020) by Jayne Parker (UK); digital video, color, sound, 7 minutes. M*U*S*H (2022) by Jodie Mack (US/UK); 16mm, color, silent, 8 minutes. from time without beginning (2021) by Lorenzo Gattorna (US); digital video, color, sound, 7 minutes. Solace (2021) by Chantal Partamian (Lebanon): digital video, color, sound, 1 minute. Alone Sleeps the Water, Frozen She Awakes (2021) by Sofia Petersen (Argentina/Spain): digital video, color, silent, 5 minutes. TRT: 63 minutes

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