Sunday, May 12, 1996

Seven Women-Seven Sins

by Akerman, Cohen, Export, Gavron, Gordon, Ottinger & Sander

San Francisco Art Institute

What constitutes a sin in this day and age, and how would you approach such a subject? That was the question the German television station ZDF put to seven women filmmakers along with a guarantee to produce their varied versions of sin on celluloid. This omnibus film provides an exciting, stylistically and geographically diverse overview of work by some of the most significant and formally adventurous women working in the field today. See Helke Sander (Redupers-the All Around Reduced Personality) do Gluttony, Bette Gordon (Variety) on Greed and Maxi Cohen on Anger, Chantal Akerman (Jeanne Dielman) on Sloth, Valie Export (Invisible Adversaries) on Lust, Laurence Gavron on Envy and Ulrike Ottinger (Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia) on Pride. What better way to spend this Mother’s Day! (Programmed by Irina Leimbacher)