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Sebastian Wiedemann: Azul Profundo / Deep Blue



Sebastian Wiedemann: Azul Profundo / Deep Blue

Future Memories of a Living’s Cinematic In-Between

Author/Editor: Sebastian Wiedemann, Jean-Jacques Martinod


Azul Profundo/Deep Blue

Published in an edition of 50, Sebastian Wiedemann‘s Azul Profundo/Deep Blue (2019) is one of the latest in Evidence Publications‘ ongoing series of avant-garde poetry chapbooks and para-essayistic cinematic manifestoes. In Azul Profundo/Deep Blue (5 x 5 in, 36 pages) Colombian filmmaker Sebastian Wiedemann plunges into the transorganic space of Blue, a cinematic state of complete communion with the depths of Nature’s cosmological memory. Blue as guideline into a cinema of receptive profusion and total connection with one’s intrinsic sensorial capacities. Deep Blue as cinematic wild experience and experiment of thinking, as a radical adventure into the potential of an unexpected speculative scenario where the verb to blue gains uncountable affective tonalities. How to conjugate the blue, how blueing the world in infinite directions and senses is the lure of this performative film, as a vitalist and minor gesture.

Each issue of this book is handsewn + editioned. Published in an edition of 50.

Paperback / Dos – á – Dos / Long Stitch Variation
Spanish + English

Words by Sebastian Wiedemann
Artwork by Anike Laurita
Design + Production by Bretta C. Walker
Translation by Jhonny Calle
Edited by Jean-Jacques Martinod

Printed at the Centre for Expanded Poetics in Montréal, QC

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