Thursday, October 9, 1997

We Can't ALL Have Come From That Island In Greece

by Lidia Szajko

California College of the Arts

Moving between animated discussions among diverse groups of women, a wry barbie lesbian fashion show, the poetic recitation of childhood memories, and culinary performance art ‘written on the body’, We Can’t All Have Come From That Island In Greece (Bay Area premiere) turns any notion of a homogeneous lesbian community sideways. Being out, passing, ‘gender trouble’, media visibility, role models and being a lesbian of color are among the topics explored in this frank and humorous look at the diversity of lesbian identities, language, and images. With performance by Hillary Hurst, music by Beth Custer, and fashion statements by Caroline Ogg and Barbara Hargrave. The program will also include several related shorts chosen by Lidia. (Irina Leimbacher)