Thursday, June 8, 1995

Won't You Come Out and Play, My Sex Bitch Goddess

New Films by Women

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Forbidden images from the female libido make up tonight’s show of erotic and funny films from New York and San Francisco. Hima B’s documentary Straight for the Money investigates queer sex workers who strip for men (featuring Joan Nestle, Carol Queen, and Annie Sprinkle), while these shorts are guaranteed to get under your skin: Interior Scroll: The Cave (premiere) by Carolee Schneemann and Maria Beatty; Stellium in Capricorn by Georgia B. Wright; Rocketlipsbabblon by Annabel Lee; Nymphomania by Tessa Hughes-Freeland and Holly Adams; Engorge, Gobble and Gulp by Lisa Delillo; and What Gets You Off? by Danielle Massingale and Grace Giorgio. Please join the artists for a BYOB gathering after the show.