haunted house: a catalog of the small and ecstatic

CROSSROADS 2015 Touring Program 3

Curated by Steve Polta


Opening with Meanwhile at the Moon Hotel, the most recent chapter in Jessie Stead’s ongoing series of episodic compendia of video ephemera, the films in this program explore indulgence, austerity, sexuality and ritual, objects and spaces […] that evoke the significance of small change, films that move between the poles of troubled domestic rite to celestial reverie, from erotic nihilism to sexual abundance.

Highlighted film titles link to preview videos—full previews of all work available on request. Highlighted names link to artists’ websites. original format of all works is digital video unless otherwise noted. Artist bios and full text program notes provided with program package.
NOTE: This program differs slightly from that presented in CROSSROADS 2015.

For inquiries please contact tour@sfcinematheque.org.

Jessie Stead: Meanwhile at the Moon Hotel

Meanwhile at the Moon Hotel (2014) by Jessie Stead; color, sound, 16 minutes

A reverie in 10 overlapping Meanwhiles in a downloaded lunar hotel. (Jessie Stead).

The most recent chapter in Stead’s ongoing series of episodic compendia of video ephemera.

Christine Negus: Frozen Giants

Frozen Giants (2013) by Christine Negus; color, sound, 3 minutes

Shot on a Nova Scotia beach that boasts the oldest recorded fossil tracks, and influenced by the ancient magical belief that fossils were simply spirits trapped in rocks, Frozen Giants suggests the sea is a giant graveyard. No matter where we turn for stability or solace (our memories, our homes, or family) we are always haunted. (Christine Negus)

Karissa Hahn: Simmer

Simmer (2013) by Karissa Hahn; color, sound, 2 minutes

A short ritualistic domestic interlude.

Naoko Tasaka: Flower

flower (2012) by Naoko Tasaka; color, sound, 20 minutes

A story about a bear who ate his entire family during the winter hibernation. (Naoko Tasaka)

“A parable… [An] intellectual vortex, moving from simplicity to an almost cosmological scope […] about the connection, or the collision, between inner and outer space, the tiniest and the grandest levels of known life.” (Michael Sicinski)

Abigail Child: vis a vis

vis à vis (2013) by Abigail Child; b&w, sound, 24 minutes

Inspired by Vertov’s Lullaby (1937) as well as by Warhol’s ‘60s Screen Test portraits and Frampton’s Manual of Arms from the same period, vis à vis is a homage to these divergent pasts: ironic, composed of outtakes, portraits ultimately of friends and colleagues. Also a testament to 16mm b&w celluloid and differing sexualities, seductions and (d)alliances. (Abigail Child)

Malena Szlam: Lunar Almanac

Lunar Almanac (2013) by Malena Szlam; 16mm screened as digital video, color, silent, 4 minutes

I take what I see and remove it from the ordinary, translating it out of the physical and into the psyche, then back again into the physical. Through single-frame and long-exposure superimpositions, the film assembles in series of short sequences shot in 16mm Ektachrome and hand-processed. The unaltered, in-camera edited segments shot at various nights gather over 4000 stills of multi-layered field views of the moon. (Malena Szlam)

Total Program Runtime: 69 minutes
Program Format: Digital Video

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PLEASE NOTE: CROSSROADS touring programs provide financial compensation to artists—filmmakers receive payment from Cinematheque for each and every screening.

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