Friday, April 10, 2015, 12:00 am

CROSSROADS 2015: April 10–12

Full Festival Line-Up


2961 16th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

CROSSROADS 2015 trailer from San Francisco Cinematheque on Vimeo.
Trailer by Mary Helena Clark, featuring CROSSROADS 2015 filmmakers: Pablo Mazzolo; Faraz Anoushahpour, Parastoo Anoushahpour & Ryan Ferko; Sarah J. Christman; Paul Clipson & Grouper; Jessie Stead; Joshua Gen Solondz; Naoko Tasaka; Tommy Becker; Michael A. Morris and Malena Szlam

presented April 10–12 by San Francisco Cinematheque
curated by Steve Polta
all programs at the Victoria Theatre
2961 Sixteenth Street (at Mission) in San Francisco
presented in association with Canyon Cinema Foundation, the Center for New Music, Oddball Film + Video and SOMArts

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Festival passes available here.

CROSSROADS 2015, program 1
Friday, April 10 at 7pm
visitations, dreams of falls (watch them collapsing)
In Person:
Tommy Becker; Jon Behrens and Vanessa Renwick
Advance tickets here.

SCREENING: layover (2014) by Vanessa Renwick; Figure—Ground (2013, Bay Area premiere) by Jean-Paul Kelly; A Field Guide to the Ferns (2015, North American premiere) by Basma Alsharif; Song for Awe & Dread (2015) by Tommy Becker; The Quilpo Dreams Waterfalls (2012, world premiere) by Pablo Mazzolo; a Beginning a Middle and an End (2013; Bay Area premiere) by Jon Behrens; Greetings to the Ancestors (2015, Bay Area premiere) by Ben Russell


CROSSROADS 2015, program 2
Friday, April 10 at 9:30pm
Paul Clipson and Grouper: Hypnosis Display
In Person:
Paul Clipson and Grouper
Advance tickets here.

SCREENING: Hypnosis Display (2014, Bay Area premiere) by Paul Clipson. Soundtrack performed live by Liz Harris (Grouper).


CROSSROADS 2015, program 3
Saturday, April 11 at 1:30pm
everything is real—everything is something
In Person:
Karissa Hahn and OJOBOCA
Advance tickets here.

SCREENING: The HandEye (Bone Ghosts) (2012, Bay Area premiere) by OJOBOCA; Sea of Vapors (2014) by Sylvia Schedelbauer; Emulsion Electrons Imbued (2014, world premiere) by Karissa Hahn; The Somber Vault (2014; Bay Area premiere) by John Powers; Things (2014, Bay Area premiere) by Ben Rivers; Apocalypse for You (2014, Bay Area premiere) by OJOBOCA


CROSSROADS 2015, program 4
Saturday, April 11 at 4pm
forward reverse read write: conjectures about the animal
In Person:
Michael Betancourt; Karissa Hahn; Jeanne Liotta; Jeremy Moss and Deborah Stratman
Advance tickets here.

SCREENING: Cicatrix (2014) by Jeremy Moss; Soon (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Jeanne Liotta; Dancing Glitch (2013) by Michael Betancourt; L’entre Deux (2014) by Karl Lemieux; Sayre’s Vapor (2013, world premiere) by Karissa Hahn; Conjectures (2013) by Pablo Mazzolo; As Near as Light (2014; world premiere) by Susan DeLeo; Second Sighted (2014, Bay Area premiere) by Deborah Stratman; The Golden Hour (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Ross Meckfessel; Laborat (2014, Bay Area premiere) by Guillaume Cailleau; Jenny Haniver (2014, world premiere) by Stephen Broomer.


CROSSROADS 2015, program 5
Saturday, April 11 at 8pm
Apparent Motion: Exposing the Primal Light Machine
In Person:
Allison Leigh Holt; Kadet Kuhne; Michael A. Morris; Kerry Laitala; OJOBOCA and Voicehandler
Advance tickets here.

A presentation of live performance cinema works: Now I Want to Laugh (2014—double projection, Bay Area premiere) by OJOBOCA; Resonant Luminance (2015, world premiere) by Allison Leigh Holt and Kadet Kuhne; Second Hermeneutic (2013; Bay Area premiere) and Third Hermeneutic (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Michael A. Morris; Spectacle of Light (2015; world premiere) by Kerry Laitala & Voicehandler


CROSSROADS 2015, program 6
Sunday, April 12 at 1pm
listen to the warm
In Person:
Karissa Hahn and OJOBOCA
Advance tickets here.

SCREENING: Late (2014; world premiere) by Matt Whitman; Quiet Zone (2015, U.S. premiere) by Karl Lemieux and David Bryant; In Nothing Flat (2013, Bay Area premiere) by Karissa Hahn; I remember my dreams by the colour they are (2010) by Maria Magnusson; Retracing Home (2013, world premiere) by Karissa Hahn; Rose (2013, Bay Area premiere) by Shiloh Cinquemani; Wolkenschatten (2014—double projection, Bay Area premiere) by OJOBOCA; Flower (2012, Bay Area premiere) by Naoko Tasaka


CROSSROADS 2015, program 7
Sunday, April 12 at 3:30pm
Glimpses of Soviet Science: Demolished Every Second
In Person:
John Davis; Ryan Ferko; Karissa Hahn; Mike Stoltz and Zachary Epcar
Advance tickets here.

SCREENING: Chestnut Street (2014, world premiere) by Karissa Hahn; 7285 (2015, Bay Area premiere) by Sarah J. Christman; Photooxidation (2013) by Pablo Mazzolo; Sunspots and Solar Flares (2013, U.S. premiere) by Maria Magnusson; Demolished Every Second (2014) by John Davis; vindmøller (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Margaret Rorison; Traces/Legacy (2015, world premiere) by Scott Stark; Bunte Kuh (2015; world premiere) by Faraz Anoushahpour, Parastoo Anoushahpour and Ryan Ferko; Under the Atmosphere (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Mike Stoltz; Under the Heat Lamp an Opening (2014) by Zachary Epcar; Travelling with Maxim Gorkiy/Unterwegs mit Maxim Gorkiy (2014; North American premiere) by Bernd Lützeler and Kolja Kunt


CROSSROADS 2015, program 8
Sunday, April 12 at 6pm
haunted house: a catalog of the small and ecstatic
In Person:
Karissa Hahn; OJOBOCA and Malena Szlam
Advance tickets here.

SCREENING: Meanwhile at the Moon Hotel (2014, Bay Area premiere) by Jessie Stead; Frozen Giants (2013; U.S. premiere) by Christine Negus; Simmer (2014, world premiere) by Karissa Hahn; A Home Inside (2013—double projection, Bay Area premiere) by OJOBOCA; vis à vis (2013; Bay Area premiere) by Abigail Child; Lunar Almanac (2013, Bay Area premiere) by Malena Szlam


CROSSROADS 2015, program 9
Sunday, April 12 at 8pm
greetings to ancestors
In Person:
Mary Helena Clark; Joshua Gen Solondz and Eric Stewart
Advance tickets here.

SCREENING: Prisoner’s Cinema (2012, Bay Area premiere) by Joshua Gen Solondz; Wake (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Eric Stewart; The Kiss (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Luis Maciás; The Sound of Running in My Voice (2014) by Mary Helena Clark; 3 miniatures: an aging process; a kind of quiet; a certain worry (2014, Bay Area premiere) by Jonathan Schwartz; Sugarcoated Arsenic (2014, Bay Area premiere) by Claudrena Harold and Kevin Jerome Everson; O, Persecuted (2014, Bay Area premiere) by Basma Alsharif

with generous support from our funders:
San Francisco Arts Commission, San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund/Grants for the Arts, Fleishhacker Foundation, Zellerbach Family FoundationThe Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and The Willow Foundation