Saturday, March 17, 2007

12th Annual Women of Color Film Festival

Program 1: Revisioning

California College of the Arts

The Berkeley-based Women of Color Film Festival provides a welcome forum for both emerging and established artists from one of the most creative yet continually underrepresented sectors of the film community. This year’s festival commences March 1 at UC Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archive, with four programs screening there over ten days (for complete program information and screening schedule, please visit www.bampfa.berkeley.edu). Cinematheque is honored to host the final two programs of this years’ WOCFF. Please join us at 6pm for a pre-screening reception.

Fashion Resistance to Militarism by Kimberley Alvarenga, Take a Walk by Hsin-I Tseng, The Body in the Park by Shi Liu, The Shooter by Jin Yoo-Kim, Migration by Christina Battle, What Keeps Me Going by Joenel Scott, Come on Big Empty by Kirthi Nath, Re/Camara by Rosario Sotelo, and Palpable Invisibility of Life by Tran T. Kim-Trang.