Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Daniel Eisenberg’s The Unstable Object

Pacific Film Archive

Daniel Eisenberg In Person
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Over the last three decades, Daniel Eisenberg has forged a unique body of films that have become internationally recognized for expanding the boundaries between traditions of the personal avant-garde film and historical documentary. His latest work, The Unstable Object, is a fascinating examination of contemporary labor-practices. In three extended sequences we observe a high-tech Volkswagen factory in Dresden, Germany integrating robotic and human labor to make custom-made cars; an industrial wall clock factory in Chicago IL (staffed entirely by blind workers); and the famed Zildjian Cymbal factory of Istanbul, where, as one of the oldest companies in the world, these well-known musical instruments have been cast and hammered by hand for over 400 years. Through a series of beautifully rendered sequences sympathetic to each site and subject, The Unstable Object probes the relationships our global economy creates between individuals around the world.