Thursday, November 3, 2011


Jeffrey Skoller on Daniel Eisenberg

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Daniel Eisenberg and Jeffrey Skoller In Person
presented in association with Pacific Film Archive
[members: $6 / non-members: $10]

Tonight’s screening celebrates the publication of POSTWAR: The Films of Daniel Eisenberg, published by Black Dog Publishing and edited by Jeffrey Skoller, which focuses on Eisenberg’s four thematically connected films (Displaced Person, Cooperation of Parts, Persistence and Something More than Night, 1981–2003), exploring the on-going implications of the events of World War II and the fall of the Berlin Wall as they continue to unfold in the present. As works of visual History, these exquisitely made films engage contemporary questions about the relationships between past, present and the future, how the meanings of events transform over time, and representation of those elements of past events that defy linear narrative forms. Tonight we screen Eisenberg’s 1997 film Persistence, which combines footage of a circa 1946 war-devastated Berlin shot both by U.S. Army cameramen and Roberto Rossellini in the creation of his Germany: Year Zero with Eisenberg’s own documentation of that city in the early 1990s. (Steve Polta and Jeffrey Skoller)

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