Aug 26

Sunday, November 13, 2011

@ ODC Theater

Bring on the Lumière!

presented in association with ODC Theater

Bring on the Lumière! is a collaboration between choreographer/director (and ODC Theater Resident Artist) Catherine Galasso and lighting designer/installation artist Elaine Buckholtz, an evocative dance/theater/light installation inspired by the lives and work of inventors and cinematic pioneers Auguste and Louis Lumière. Following a twisting path where the images of their canonical works (including Arrival of a Train and Workers Leaving the Factory) are re-imagined and re-told through dance, video and theatrical illusion, the brothers—played by Christine Bonansea and Marina Fukushima—find themselves trapped inside their own films, in a fantastical world of beautifully fleeting, living moments and images, further and further estranged from the world of their 19th century “actualités.” Bring on the Lumière! ultimately offers a meditation on personal and popular history, heritage and legacy, transience and immortality. (Catherine Galasso and Steve Polta)

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