Thursday, December 8, 2011

Celebrating George Kuchar

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

presented in association with Canyon Cinema
[members: $7 / non-members: $10]

Born in the Bronx in 1942, George Kuchar (with twin brother Mike) began his unbelievably prolific life of filmmaking as a pre-teen and had created such classics of 8mm melodrama as The Wet Destruction Of The Atlantic Empire and The Naked And The Nude before even completing high school. Unstoppable, he has, over the following 50+ years, created a jaw-droppingly voluminous filmography of camp genre send-up, diary film and video portraiture which is unparalleled in its far-reaching cultural influence. One of the most influential figures in film history, George—in his work, in his life and in over thirty years of teaching filmmaking at SFAI—has continuously been a force of perverse subversion and indefatigable joy, a treasure and shining light in so many of our lives. Please join Cinematheque, Canyon Cinema and SFMOMA in celebration of this man. (Steve Polta)

screening: Hold Me While I’m Naked (1966); Wild Night in El Reno (1977); I, An Actress (1977); The Mongreloid (1978) and others.