Saturday, February 11, 2012

Seconds of Eternity II: The Films of Gregory J. Markopoulos

Eros and Myth (1950–63)

Pacific Film Archive

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Introduced by filmmaker Robert Beavers.

Markopoulos‘ ability to improvise with his surroundings and to develop techniques of rapid cutting and subjective treatments of narrative time remain among the greatest contributions he made to cinema. Reminiscent of Maya Deren’s work, Swain is an early psychodrama trance film that uses single-frame clusters of images as a recapitulation device to restate poignant themes. The multilayered Twice a Man (which features a young Olympia Dukakis), inspired by the myth of Hippolytus and Phaedra, demonstrates Markopoulos’ masterful handling of sound design: he structured the soundtrack as a monologue of truncated syllables spoken by Phaedra juxtaposed with music, sound effects and silence. (Susan Oxtoby, Pacific Film Archive)

Swain  1950. With Markopoulos, Mary Zelles. 24 mins, Color, 16mm
Flowers of Asphalt  1951. With John Markopoulos, Maria Markopoulos. 7 mins, Silent, B&W, 16mm
Eldora  1953, 8 mins, Silent, Color, 16mm
Twice a Man  1963. With Paul Kilb, Olympia Dukakis. 48 mins, Color, 16mm