Friday, March 23, 2012


Oddball Film & Video

presented in association with Oddball Films
EXPERIMENTA India Festival Director Shai Heredia In Person
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The price of a single admission ticket allows access to both shows. They will run back to back with a 15min intermission. Total run time for both programs is 125min.

Founded in 2003, EXPERIMENTA is the first film festival for experimental cinema in India. It serves as a forum for both classic and contemporary films from around the world and is also a vital showcase for relatively unknown Indian film artists. These EXPERIMENTA programs highlight contemporary works as well as trace a history of Indian experimental film beyond Bollywood and the industrial system and introduce the non-Western perspective on artists’ film as an alternative to the dominant US and Eurocentric histories. From experiments in animation, found footage and stylised montage in the late 60’s and early 70’s to the most recent innovations in experimental narrative, this selection of films and videos offer an important perspective on the aesthetic and socio-political complexities of filmmaking in India.

PROGRAM 1: Retrospective

And I Make Short Films (S.N.S.Sastry, 1968, B&W, sound, 16 min, 35mm on dvd)
Trip (Pramod Pati, 1970, B&W, sound, 4 min, 35mm on dvd)
Abid (Pramod Pati, 1972, color, sound, 5 min, 35mm on dvd)
Explorer (Pramod Pati, 1968, B&W, sound, 7 mins, 35mm on dvd)
Claxplosion (Pramod Pati, India, 1968, B&W, sound, 2min, 35mm on dvd)
Child on Chess Board (Vijay B. Chandra, India, 1979, B&W, sound, 7.46min, 35mm on dvd)

PROGRAM 2: Contemporary Works
Jan Villa (Natasha Mendonca, India, 2011, color & b&w, sound, 20min, 16mm on dvd)

City Beyond (Shreyasi Kar, India, 2011, color, sound, 10min, DV)

There is Something In the Air (Iram Ghufran, India, 2011, color, sound 29min, DV)