Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shifting Geographies/Special Relativity: Butler/Mirza’s Deep State and other works

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

presented in association with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
[members: $7 / non-members: $10]

In its examination of international artistic communities, SFMOMA’s exhibition Six Lines of Flight (Sept. 15–December 31) highlights acts of collaboration, collective art practice and cultural intervention which, while based in regionalism and the locality, act as inspiring nodes within contemporary transglobal cultural networks. Similarly concerned with the possibilities and problems of collective action and political intervention is Brad Butler and Karen Mirza‘s Deep State (scripted by science-fiction author China Miéville). Taking its title from the Turkish term “Derin Devlet” (“state within a state”), the film examines the push and pull of transnational political networks (official and unofficial), analyzing the invisible flows of power circulating beneath enactments of individual expression and state oppression. Deep State screens with Crossings, Robert Fenz’ examination of the US/Mexico border wall; Jonathan Schwartz’ A Preface to Red, documenting an encounter during a European/Asian border crossing; newsreel number one: day and night (october 25th/26th), Moyah Pravda Newsreel’s documentation of one battle in an ongoing struggle for the reclamation of public space in Oakland; and, in celebration of Six Lines… participant Futurefarmers’ publication of A Variation on the Powers of Ten, the classic work of micro/macro perspective, Powers of Ten, by Charles and Ray Eames. (Steve Polta)