Thursday, September 20, 1990

37°49’N / 122°22’W

New Bay Area Work

San Francisco Art Institute

Tonight’s program marks the beginning of a series in which new local work can be seen and considered on an ongoing basis, reflecting the range and diversity of media art being produced in the Bay Area. Overlay (1989) by Jenny Fernald, Hymn (1989) by Claire Dannenbaum, Memory Eye (1989) by Alfonso Alvarez, Transplanted 7 Years Later (1986) by Leslie Alprin, Clementine (1990) by Kurt Keppeler, Weather Diary #6 (1990) by George Kuchar, Fractous Array (1990) by Mark Street, A Different Kind of Green (1989) by Thad Povey. Selection Committee: Laura Poitras, Lynne Sachs, & Greta Snider. Submissions are welcome.