Saturday, December 8, 1990


New Bay Area Work

Eye Gallery (now closed)

This is the second program of a series established to create a context for an ongoing examination of Bay Area media art. Tonight’s films and videotapes represent the range of approaches and concerns currently being explored. Program includes a 15 minute excerpt from Madeleine’s Variety Television (1990) produced by Madeleine Altmann; Flipper (1990) by Leslie Singer; Parenthetical Trap (1990) by Emily Cronbach & Elizabeth Day; Who Are You ?: an Oakland Story (1990) by Portia Cobb; El Balance (1990) by Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez; and Marecage (1990) by Rupert Jenkins; Protective Coloration (1990) by Scott Stark. Submissions are welcome.

pictured: Madeleine’s Variety Television (1990) by Madeleine Altmann