Saturday, April 13, 2002

40 Years In Focus

Andy Warhol's The Chelsea Girls

Castro Theater

In the 1970s, underground Superstar Ondine visited the Bay Area several times screening films from Andy Warhol’s “film factory” in which he was featured. The memories of these visits will hopefully be evoked with this special screening of Warhol’s 1966 classic The Chelsea Girls at San Francisco’s own Castro Theatre. A sprawling parody of the Hollywood melodrama, this double-projected camp classic simultaneously screens scenes from the decadent and desperate downtown lives of Warhol’s art world entourage, in garish color and gritty black and white. Expect to see outrageously improvised “performances” by Nico, Eric Emerson, International Velvet, Brigid Polk, Mary Woronov, filmmaker Marie Menken, and Pope Ondine himself! Soundtrack features a rare live recording of the Velvet Underground. (Steve Polta)