Sunday, December 8, 2002

A Film Tribute to Robert Fulton

San Francisco Art Institute

Robert Fulton, filmmaker, pilot and cameraman was born in 1939 in Greenwich, Connecticut. He died at the age of sixty-two on May 30, 2002, when his private airplane crashed near Scranton, Pennsylvania. Besides making his own films, Fulton worked as a cinematographer for many of Robert Gardner’s films and was in the process of filming Andes to Amazon for the BBC, filming with a custom-made wing-mounted Arriflex. Fulton’s death leaves a legacy of immense creativity. The resulting images speak for themselves. Tonight’s screening includes Starlight; Path of Cessation; Aleph; Swimming Stone; Vineyard IV; Wilderness: A Country in the Mind; Running Shadow, Part I; Letter and a documentary on Fulton, The Journals of a Solitary Aviator: Pilot Notes by Vladimir Van Maule. (Dominic Angerame)