Sunday, February 22, 2004

A Picture Rarely Seen: Joseph Cornell Centenary

Program 1: Essential Cinema

California College of the Arts

It can be said that Cornell made two kinds of films in two distinct periods of activity: collage films, made by recombining found materials; and directed films, on which he worked with cinematographers (including Stan Brakhage, Rudy Burckhardt and Larry Jordan) to document his fantasies and experiences of wandering in New York. Though rarely exhibited during his lifetime, these mysterious works nonetheless have had a deep and lasting influence on various prominent avant-garde makers. This program includes Rose Hobart, Vaudeville Deluxe, Bookstalls, By Night with Torch and Spear, Aviary, GniR RednoW, Nymphlight, and A Legend for Fountains. (Bradley Eros, Jeanne Liotta)