Sunday, March 21, 2004

A Program of Blind Films and Daguerrosounds by Alex Mendizabal

California College of the Arts

Sponsored by the Consulate General of Spain, San Francisco

“Understanding cinema as kynema, motion, and understating that image is not a visual prerogative, blind films hitch perceptible sources in a homemade animated theatre place.” So writes Basque composer, improvisor and instrument builder Alex Mendizabal, who will visit tonight for a rare presentation of his mysterious and moving Blind Films, spatialized cinematic experiences of pure sound, performed live in pure and total darkness, over, under, around and through the traditionally seated audience. “A set of sound motion and low synthesis sources such as wall harps, voice transmitters, cowboy horns, distant string-actioned cups, cold-water boiling pans, chamber birds, low fi acoustic multi channel, …. pursuing daguerrosound images and movies out of vision.” (Programmed by Steve Polta)