Friday, June 28, 2002

A Salute To The Fine Arts Cinema

The Short and Shorter of It

Fine Arts Cinema

For our final program of the season Cinematheque will present an evening of short films and videos celebrating Berkeley’s bastion of independent film exhibition, the Fine Arts Cinema. Although the Fine Arts is one of the Bay Area’s oldest functioning movie theaters, their current form of imaginative programming – creatively pairing and juxtaposing narrative, documentaries and experimental films in ways that brings new insights into each work screened – is a result of the programming team that has been in control for only the past five years. Sadly to say, the team will soon be giving up control of the theater and retire, at least for the moment, their unmistakable curatorial imprint. Tonight’s selection will be chosen equally by our two staffs; phone our office one week prior for titles and makers to be shown. (Steve Anker)