Wednesday, April 3, 1996

A SoundCulture 96 Extravaganza

First Alone. Then All Together.

New Langton Arts

Co-sponsored by New Langton Arts.

The Cinematheque is a presenting member of SoundCulture 96, the third transpacific festival of contemporary sound art, continuing throughout the Bay Area beginning April 3. On Opening Night three exciting and unique sound artists will perform, first in 15-20 minute solos, then in collaboration. Beth Custer will improvise using extended techniques for clarinets and voice. Custer has performed and composed for Club Foot Orchestra, Trance Mission, and the Joe Goode Performance Group. Brenda Hutchinson will present excerpts from Every Dream Has Its Number for voice, tape and Giant Music Box. Hutchinson’s work includes installations, and compositions for dance, opera, film, and radio. Laetitia Sonami’s Story Road will be performed with her Lady’s Glove, an instrument embedded with sensors which allows voice and sound manipulation through gestures. Sonami has performed for the last 15 years in the Bay Area and abroad blending home-made electronic devices with narrative.