Friday, October 31, 2003

A Thundercrack! Halloween

Roxie Theater

Co-presented with the 19th Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema

Crass, sick and hilarious, this no-budget 1975 black-and-white feature is filled with the essence of pure, undiluted cinematic derangement, making it the perfect film for a spooky All Hallow’s Eve. Like the earliest works of John Waters, Thundercrack! revels in taboo-shattering shocks and an undying love of Hollywood kitsch. Gloriously overwritten by George Kuchar and directed by Curt McDowell, it’s a torrent of clichés heated to the point of lurid parody. The time: A dark and stormy night. The setting: An old, secluded mansion, where the terrifically obscene Mrs. Gert Hammond staggers around with mismatched eyebrows and a vomit-caked wig. Vacuum-powered penis enlargers and a huge cucumber figure prominently in what is surely one of the great underground sleaze epics. Trick or treat! (excerpted from Steve Puchalski, SHOCKCIN)