Sunday, March 14, 2004

Acting Out

Performative Videos by Bain and Hernandez

California College of the Arts

Claire Bain and Al Hernandez have performed in their own and in each others’ work for over a decade, simultaneously constructing and deconstructing various personae for the camera. Taking the subject/object politics of photographic representation into their own hands, their multiple characters play to the camera or to each other. Sometimes studied, sometimes ad-libbed, they often inhabit the slippery spaces between self-mockery, playfulness and serious social commentary. Tonight’s program features both recent and older work: Bain’s True Nature (2003), their collaborative double-channel video New Year’s Resolution (1999-2000-remember Y2K?), Hernandez’ lyrical Super-8 Jump Fence (2002 condensed version) and his new exploration of identity as performance My Name is Alejandro! (2003). We’ll conclude with a short performance by Bain as her video alter ego Jennifer. (Irina Leimbacher)