Friday, September 14, 2007

Anthony McCall: Four Projected Movements

New Langton Arts

Presented in association with New Langton Arts

Anthony McCall has been creating film installations and performances for over 30 years. Four Projected Movements was produced in 1975 as a further exploration of his previous work Long Film for Four Projectors, and it has rarely been shown in the US. It is the last piece of his series of “solid light” films that used projector and film. For McCall Four Projected Movements is a succinct rendering of the structural principal of Long Film for Four Projectors. It uses one of the light wedges from Long Film for Four Projectors and explores the seeming gravitational pull that his solid light forms are famous for.

Placing one of the wedges into the corner of the gallery, parallel to the wall, a single fifteen-minute reel of film is run through the projector in four different ways: head-to-tail, tail-to-head, head-to-tail back-to-front, and tail-to-head back-to-front. This produces four different sweeps through space: wall to corner, ceiling to corner, corner to floor and ceiling to wall. The moving wedge interacts with the actual architectural frame. The plane of light transitions vertically and horizontally, confronting the viewer with a question of spatial orientation and movement.

NOTE: Saturday, September 15, 2007 there will be an ongoing projection of Four Projected Movements from 12pm to 5pm at New Langton Arts. (Tickets: $5)