Tuesday, April 23, 1996

Archimedes’ Screw and other new work by Scott Stark

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

San Francisco film/video maker Scott Stark premieres Archimedes’ Screw, the final installment of his trilogy that includes Acceleration (1993) and I’ll Walk With God (1994), both of which won first place awards in the Black Maria Film Festival. Cross-referencing early 20th century nostalgia with Christian indoctrination, and using a modern billboard as a point of discussion, Archimedes’ Screw playfully distills and reconfigures contemporary notions of movement, place and public/private identities. The entire trilogy will be shown. Stark will also present the premiere of Under a Blanket of Blue, a super-8 alchemy of song and imposing urban landscapes; and the rarely shown triple projector piece W (1988), an expansive, soaring, joyfully indulgent paean to the range of human sensual and psychic experience. Plus other surprises.