Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bay Area Roots

Films by Sandra Davis

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

“Looking back, it seems that all my films have been explorations of corporeal and sensual being–in the world, in the self, even if each was engendered by different event, and periods of life.” The work of San Francisco-based Sandra Davis contrasts exacting editing structures with lush, even abstract, photographic imagery. Intended to appeal to the body as much as the mind, Davis’ work bravely manifests a fusion of interior subjectivity and the external world. Featured tonight is the Bay Area premiere of Ignorance Before Malice, “a true story–and the aesthetic sequel of the filmmaker’s recovery process following an auto accident. Parallel voices of narrativized testimony describing a woman’s struggle to heal within the American medical system, and a personal rumination on the journey through a sudden rupture of health into disability.” Also screening are Davis’ An Architecture of Desire, Une Fois Habitee, and Crepescule: Pond and Chair. (Steve Polta)

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