Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bay Area Roots

Greg Sharits/Dean Snider

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

In the history of San Francisco filmmaking, two filmmakers stand out as iconoclasts, creators of unique and innovative works reflective of passionate approaches to life and to film. Founding member of San Francisco’s No Nothing Cinema, Snider was a highly charismatic cinematic instigator, an extremely productive and influential filmmaker. His films, notable for their irreverent humor and no-nonsense approach to cinematic form, content and duration, include Stink, Ish and Vinnie, Rock Falls/Mudslide, and Yes Ta Day (many others will also screen). Greg Sharits, brother of filmmaker Paul, lived a life of relative obscurity, haunting the streets of SOMA throughout the ’70s, a skid row filmmaker flaneur. Using single-frame shooting, Sharits’ films are pixilated city symphonies of neon sign and sidewalk life. We will screen new prints of Transit, Transfer and Cipher (all recently preserved and restored by Anthology Film Archives) as well as Untitled #6. (Steve Polta)

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