Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bay Area Roots: Risk & ReVision

Excavations of the Recordable World

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Presented In Association with FAF and BAVC

In the nonfiction work presented here, digital video becomes a tool for observation, excavation and extraction, mining both existing and personally (often surreptitiously) taped records of everyday life for moments of larger meaning and resonance. Brook Hinton will present the 9/11 focused Wave/Wake; an “extra-temporal” study of Union Square, Transit; Trace Garden: Markings where found home movie footage is presented as communication from beyond; a textual surveillance of violent terminology, Hack; and the San Francisco premiere of a new work. Katherin McInnis, who digitally records and transforms the archived and seen, will screen Landscapes in Alphabetical Order, an examination of how moving images are coded, organized, and archived; Predictions, a pixilated portrait of the Musée Mechanique; Suspicious Activity, which explores the surveillance atmosphere of transportation tunnels under San Francisco’s financial district; Open, an examination of dubious commerce through a crack-pipe-damaged window of an empty office building; and elevations, a meditation on architecture, visibility, and history at the Berlin Sony Center. Also screening by McInnis: A Clear Story; San Quentin, CA 94964; Model Prisoner and a selection of new work. (Brook Hinton and Katherin McInnis)

For more information, check out Michael Guillen’s interview with Brook Hinton on The Evening Class!

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