Sunday, October 27, 1996

Beat America On Film

Program Four: Art Off The Walls

San Francisco Art Institute

Beat energy infiltrated all forms of performance and art–
7:30PM: Mounting Tension (Rudy Burckhardt, 1950), Larry Rivers as the madly energetic, over-sexed artist, with John Ashberry, Jane Freilicher; The Man Who Invented Gold (Christopher MacLaine, 1957),”…a deliberate anti-climax of aesthetic perfection.”(Stan Brakhage);

Happenings:One (Raymond Saroff, 1962), The Ray Gun Theater with Claes and Pat Oldenberg, Lucas Samaras; Jamestown Baloos (Robert Breer, 1957), The White Rose (Bruce Conner, 1967), “a very subtle, deep exploration of art’s place in the world.”(Carney); The Cut-Ups (Anthony Balch and William Burroughs, ca. 1962), a cut-up vision of art, drugs and mayhem.

9:00PM: The Connection (Shirley Clarke, 1962), The Living Theater’s harrowing portrait of junkies waiting for a fix in a Manhattan apartment.