Sunday, November 3, 1996

Beat America On Film

Program Five: Beatniks & Hipsters

San Francisco Art Institute

A look at some key Beat figures–
7:30PM: Pull My Daisy (Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie, 1959), from a Kerouac script based on an actual evening at the Cassady household, with Ginsberg, Orlovsky, Corso, Rivers and Delphine Seyrig; Huncke and Louis (Laki Vazakas, 1995), a wonderful and disturbing portrait of Herbert Huncke and Louis Cartwright; Lenny Bruce Performance Film (John Magnuson, 1968), Bruce’s brilliant hour-long riff based on the transcript of his trial.

9:00PM: The Hipster, The Delinquint and The Square (ca. 1960), a lost treasure from the vault of Craig Baldwin, an education-film warning parents and teens; The Subterraneans (Ronald MacDougall, 1960), Hollywood’s turgid version of Kerouac’s novel; music by Gerry Mulligan, with Carmen McRae.