Sunday, October 20, 1996

Beat America On Film: Music and Motion

Music as the force of change, the beat of life--

San Francisco Art Institute

7:30PM: Scorpio Rising (Kenneth Anger, 1963), pop culture, sex and death; Fugs (Ed English, ca. 1962), “…the MacDouglas Street scene, police harassment, their audiences…”(EE); Allures (Jordan Belson, 1961), a voyage into the realm of meditation and Eastern consciousness; Cosmic Ray (Bruce Conner, 1961), a rapid-fire montage to the throbbing sounds of Ray Charles; Bridges-Go-Round (Shirley Clarke, 1958), a be-bop city landscape; Beat (Christopher MacLaine, 1958), dancing deliriously through the streets; Motion Picture (Frank Paine, 1956), “The energy and freedom of traveling down the road…”(Ray Carney);The Anatomy of Cindy Fink (Leacock, Jaffe and Leaf, 1966), the life of a Greenwich Village dancer.

9:00PM: The Cry Of Jazz (Edward Bland, 1959), a radical, militant statement by black artists on black culture; The World According To John Coltrane (Toby Byron and Robert Palmer, 1991), a recent, penetrating portrait of Coltrane, the spirituality of his music, and his influences.