Thursday, April 21, 1994

Between Heaven and Earth

The Waking Effect

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Premieres by Stan Brakhage, Lewis Klahr, Peggy Ahwesh, Peter Herwitz, Mark LaPore, Scott Stark, eros/liotta and others.

“All at once the assistant felt himself transformed into a cyclamen, sweet worms gnawing at his roots. He felt his blossom to be both sexual organ and unfurling intestines which wantonly allowed themselves to be tickled by the sun. His shameless pleasure forced him to splay his petals more and more until he burst apart and was borne away by the wind a handful of seeds. Suddenly he found himself in several places at once….And as soon as the assistant believed that he had been divided into manyness, he found himself in the glassy planetarium of an eyeball. Was this the heavenly body?” – Gerhard Roth, Between Heaven and Earth