Friday, January 9, 1998

Big As Life: An American History of 8mm Films

Pacific Film Archive

Beginning Tuesday, September 22nd, and continuing monthly through June, 1999, the Pacific Film Archive and San Francisco Cinematheque will alternately present highlights from The Museum of Modern Art’s (New York City) 60-program retrospective of American-made 8mm films and videos co-curated by myself and MoMA Associate Curator Jytte Jensen, Big As Life: An American History of 8mm Films. At last estimate likely to continue through the Spring of 2000, this retrospective spans personal (and often private) filmmaking from the 1940’s through the present, focusing primarily on films made by self-avowed artists but also including a rich sampling of ‘found’ home movies and industrial films especially made for “small-gauge” home formats. Created with low-end equipment and tiny budgets, these films convey an intimacy, spontaneity and sense of place rarely encountered with public cinema. (Steve Anker)

She/Va (1973) by Marjorie Keller, Note To Pati (1969) by Saul Levine, #3 (1979) by Ellen Gaine, The Annunciation (1974) by Diana Barrie, Kemia (1994) by silt, and The Exquisite Hour (1989) by Phil Solomon.