Sunday, April 28, 1996

Big Screen Research

X-Film Chicago 1995-96

San Francisco Art Institute

“In the last year X-Film has been the best source for recent experimental films in Chicago.” (Fred Camper) X-Film Chicago neither uses or seeks out art funding in the form of grants or government handouts. This allows the freedom to not be swayed by fetishes of fickle art fashion. Should President Buchanan fumigate the NEA Building, X-Film would still be showing films. Totally avoiding the thematic programming that ghettoizes experimental film, X-Film is truly able to show the best of the genre. In March the group begins its first national tour, Big Screen Research, the best of two seasons culled from 98 films by 61 artists from 12 countries. Tonight’s program will be made up of work by younger or unknown artists, mostly new to the Bay Area. The group currently includes filmmakers Gregg Biermann, James Bond, Francis Schmidt and Scott Trotter.