Thursday, December 11, 2008

bran(…)pos + Wiggwaum: Sound vs. Image

Artists' Television Access

Presented in association with Club Sandwich

For years the SF artist known as bran(…)pos has terrorized audiences worldwide with wildly delirious, butoh-inspired sound/music/noise/face performances. The recent addition of Max/MSP-modulated live video feeds to the infernal exotica cartoon brew takes the already harrowing violence of the artiste’s performative palette to new delirious dimension. In grunge/organic counterpoint, Wiggwaum–the local trio of Douglas Katelus, Loren Means and Randy Lee Sutherland–revive the “lightshow” genre by pairing hand-worked film and vintage psychedelia to their noise rock freakout jams. As if this were not enough, screening between acts will be Ben Russell’s Black and White Trypps Number Three, a trance/ritual transformation featuring the music of Lightning Bolt, and Terence Hannum’s The Badge of Punishment (featuring the sonic squalls of Prurient).