Saturday, May 3, 2003

Bridge Pattern for Apology

San Francisco Art Institute

Cinematheque is proud to present the first exhibition of media artist Jun Jalbuena’s Bridge Pattern for Apology, a seven-hour marathon of motion pictures and sound. Jalbuena explains: “I make recordings, I deal with time, where it becomes a past, where the dead-ness of it becomes its life. I do a lot of work about the predicament of inhabiting physical spaces. Architecturally all movies are installations. A marathon is a kind of long-life, even if it’s actually short.” The eight pieces in the program include: Throwaway, Land On Water 1, Everyday Eleven Years Before, Land On Water 2, The Experience of Airplanes and Tourists Around the World, Cars Animal People, The Sound of Kids or the Moonless Nights of March and Undertow. Jalbuena has been creating dense and provocative media installations, performances and single-channel works in San Francisco since the early 1980s. (Scott Stark)