Thursday, April 24, 1997

Caswell, Ross & Jones

California College of the Arts

Tonight’s program was curated by Ed Jones and features work by himself and two other San Francisco filmmakers who are well known for their long-time activities in and around 30 Berry Street and the Bay Area independent media community. Helen Caswell will show three “little-seen narratives gems” from the 1980s, Cake (1980), Naomi (1983) and Fragrant Night (1987); Rock Ross screens “two raucous assaults on the senses from the ouvre of the inimitable maestro”, Sosueme and The Evil Vehicle of Accomplishment; and Ed Jones presents “short videos from the last few years…a Birthday card, swacked travelogue, talking back to TV, instructive media analysis and more”, including Media Studies (1996), Rush To Bend Over (1995), Athens On Hocking, ’93, (1994) and others. (Quotes by Ed Jones)